In April 2024, Showa Denki will be reborn as “SDG”

The person who receives and uses the product. The person receiving the service. The person who wants solution.

We are always thinking about the people who receive the things, matters, and aspects that we create. At the same time, thinking about the companionship we create together.

We have been supporting and activating people at work through environmental reforms centred on technology that manipulates wind, rotation, and flow. From now on, we would like to further expand this field. We hope that more "people" will take on challenges, have hope, and be physically and mentally fulfilled, so that the "society" created by gathering people together will be more active and fulfilling than it is now.

From environmental improvement solutions, to the marine industry, motorcycle racing, and beyond. Our next actions to create a great power to move society through the vitality of each individual has begun.



Founded in 1950, Showa Denki CO., LTD. will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2025. One year before that, in 2024, our company will be re-established under the new company name "SDG".

Over the past few years, Showa Denki Group has grown into a company that everyone calls "SDG".

We have decided to change our company name so that we can grow into an organization that is even more indispensable to our customers as we move toward our next 100th anniversary.

In 2012, we took the opportunity to expand overseas, sending our products to countries all over the world and providing support to our customers with the motto, "Standing in our customers's shoes". As the number of group companies in Japan and abroad has increased, Showa Denki has come to be known as the Showa Denki Group.

The new company name is "SDG CO., LTD." and SDG Group. The "SDG" in the new company name has the following meaning

Start-ing   Creation
Do-ing   Action
Good-ing   Sincerity

Let's create together,act with vitality, and with a deep and sincere heart, for the good of society. We hope to give form to these ideas through SDG actions and spread them throughout society. Even under our new company name, we will continue to maintain the concept of "standing in our customers's shoes," which has been important to us since the company's founding.

In order for us to continue to be accepted in Japan and around the world, we must always put ourselves in the customer's shoes and remain customer-oriented. We will continue to mobilize all of our senses to understand our customers' needs with a "Start-ing" mindset and provide optimal solutions with a "Do-ing" mindset.

At the core of these actions is "MAGOKORO," or "Good-ing". New insights. Attention to detail. Heartfelt hospitality. We must reconsider the uniquely Japanese concept of "MAGOKORO" from a global perspective. This is the power to infuse new value into our technologies and solutions and to exceed customer expectations.

As a company that creates vitality that moves people and society, the SDG Group will continue to deliver people, things, and feelings that exceed expectations.

Kensaku Kashiwagi, President and Representative Director

Thoughts behind [SDG]

We have chosen these three letters to represent our values and serve as guidelines for our various future actions.
(Let's create together, act with vitality, do something good for society, with a deep heart)

About the new group name and company name

The group name and company name have been changed in line with the new company name [SDG].
SDG group name/company name change list
Change beforeAfter change
 SDG BASE Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki Co., Ltd. Head OfficeSDG HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki Co., Ltd.SDG Co., Ltd./td>
Showa Denki Iga Co., Ltd.SDG Iga Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki Shga Co., Ltd.SDG Shiga Co., Ltd.
Hitech BoatsSDG Boat Works Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.SDG (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.SDG (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
Showa Denki (Korea) Co., Ltd.SDG (Korea) Co., Ltd.
SDG Holdings America, Inc.SDG Holdings America, Inc. (No change)
SDG Boat World LLCSDG Boat World LLC (No change)
SDG Marine Texas LLCSDG Marine Texas LLC (No change)